Youth and Education

Monarch Waystation - Keep Cuero Beautiful
Local teacher and Keep Cuero Beautiful's Waste in Place teacher, Christi Fuchs, wanted to inform and challenge her students to solve the problem of monarch decline through action and not merely by studying the life cycle of butterflies.

Plant Smart in Frisco - Keep Frisco Beautiful

The Plant SMART in Frisco website now serves as an educational companion to the Shawnee Trail Demonstration Garden in Frisco, which is full of beautiful, established plants that are native or well-adapted to our North Texas area.

Fulshear Farmers' Market - Keep Fulshear Beautiful
We have opened the Fulshear Farmers' Market with food grown or produced within a 200 mile radius of Fulshear so as to cut down on the carbon footprint and give access to healthy food to nearby residents.

Outdoor Learning Center - Keep Alvin Beautiful
Keep Alvin Beautiful restored a large garden and greenhouse (the Outdoor Learning Center), including an aquaponics area developed by a local teacher, near two schools.  In order to get students more involved in the project, we partnered with the local AgriLife Extension to hold student classes (Learn, Grow, Eat and Go for third graders and Egg to Chick for fifth graders) in the greenhouse.