Ebby Halliday & Maurice Acers Business/Industry Award
Locally Owned

CompuCycle, a locally owned electronics recycling company based in Houston, Texas, is making a difference in the community through its dedication to electronic recycling. It is Houston’s first Responsible Recycling Certified Company, while also being the only electronic recycling company that is also a City of Houston recycling center. In 2011, CompuCycle recycled and refurbished approximately 3 million pounds of electronics!

CompuCycle is aware that electronic waste is the fastest growing municipal solid waste in the world. CompuCycle President Clive Hess saw the need for Houstonians to have a place to responsibly recycle their old devices because regular recycling pick-ups did not include electronics. After meeting with the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department, a plan was developed to make CompuCycle’s e-cycling facility a permanent drop-off spot for all Houstonians to bring electronics, paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. Due to the large suburban areas surrounding the City of Houston, a monthly schedule was developed to access all parts of Houston, residents and businesses alike. CompuCycle refurbishes equipment for reuse, responsibly recycles what cannot be reused, and donates refurbished equipment to its charity partner, Easter Seals.

CompuCycle’s e-cycling drop-off and monthly collections around town have been a huge success with residents and businesses alike. Solid waste management has drastically improved, and at this time, Houstonians have diverted almost 200,000 pounds of electronics from landfills since October 2011. CompuCycle hosts events, gives tours of its facilities, and has held recycling exhibits in places such as Bellaire, Alvin, West University, Texas City, Brazoria County, and Baytown, among other locations. CompuCycle has supported Keep Texas Beautiful mission of educating and engaging Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment by informing Houstonians about the dangers of throwing electronics into landfills and by actively encouraging recycling through ease of access and constant advertising. In addition, CompuCycle speaks at various green committee meetings and organizations to educate others and spread the word about recycling!