O.P. Schnabel

O.P. Schnabel, a San Antonio insurance salesman, was a pioneer in spreading the anti-litter message. Upon returning from a trip to Switzerland in 1948 where he was struck by the cleanliness of the Swiss cities, Schnabel was inspired to organize the Beautify San Antonio Association. In 1967, he became the founding president of the Beautify Texas Council, later re-named Keep Texas Beautiful. He devoted his life to making Texas cleaner and more beautiful, and encouraged others to do the same.

O.P. was affectionately known as "Old Push Broom," and was well known for his catch phrases, such as "nice people don't litter" and "be a beauty bug, not a litter bug." Schnabel's hometown of San Antonio has a park, apartment complex and clean-up week named after him. The O.P Schnabel Senior Citizen Award recognizes citizens over the age of 55 who show leadership in improving the local community's environment, just as Schnabel did.