Adopt A Country Road - Parker County

 Since its inception in 1998, Adopt A Country Road, Parker County (similar to the Adopt-a-Highway program) has seen its program expand. The program, which recruits businesses, churches and organizations to clean up county roads, asks groups to sign an agreement to clean their designated stretch of road for two years. The county provides a sign similar to Adopt-a-Highway signs which identify the adopting group, reflective vests for volunteers to wear during cleanups, and trash bags. Adopting groups are also recognized by having their picture placed in the local newspaper.

In September 2001, Adopt A Country Road was made a model for all Texas counties by the state legislature. “I believe that out in the county people like for their roads and homes to look attractive. Once they get interested, they talk to other home owners and it starts that way,” Darwin Yeary, Chairman of Adopt A Country Road, Parker County.

Interested in starting an Adopt A Country Road in your County?
First, you need to designate a program director. Once you have someone in your community who will do this, they need to get on your Commissioners' Court Agenda to submit information on Adopt A Country Road (see below for obtaining this information). This director will serve as the spokesperson and to communicate with the Court and inform them of the need to establish such a program in your county. Litter control and removal is vital for many reasons: water runoff into drinking water reservoirs, property values, and attractiveness of the countryside where citizens live.

Once you have approval from your County Commissioners' Court, it will be up to the program director or manager to recruit, help and follow up with groups. Many volunteer groups appreciate having a picture made of their group in front of the sign your County Commissioner will produce. The picture is nice for recognition of the group, the program name, and the two-mile stretch of county road adopted. Your manager or publicity chairman, can submit a picture for the local newspaper to recognize the groups adoption.

For additional information, please contact:
Program Chairman, Darwin Yeary
Adopt A Country Road, of Parker County
110 Harmon St.
Weatherford, Texas 76086
(817) 599-3919,  or (817) 458-1628