Nelda Laney

 Nelda has been affiliated with Keep Texas Beautiful since 2004, when she initiated our burgeoning series of commemorative ornaments. Like many KTB partners and volunteers, Nelda isn’t one to direct from the sidelines – each ornament in the eight-item series is thoughtfully planned out nearly a year ahead of time. Beginning in December, she spends hours handling the intimate details of each ornament’s release, including the theme, design, color scheme, size and manufacture. Once those particulars are in place, Nelda works just as hard on marketing and public relations, securing free newspaper, radio and television publicity. Since 2004, she has lined up various retailers in and around her hometown of Hale Center, Texas, to resell the ornament, successfully extending KTB’s reach throughout the state. But her word of mouth campaign remains invaluable; each year, KTB staffers report ornament orders rolling in from every corner of Texas thanks to Nelda’s active involvement.

In addition to backend logistics and front end PR, Nelda also hits the ground running when it comes to individual sales. She is far and away KTB’s most successful per volume salesperson and stays stocked with inventory to conduct sales at every statewide presentation she gives throughout the year. She will personally transport ornaments from Austin to north Texas to save buyers the cost of shipping, and spends a day or two each summer at the KTB Annual Conference, autographing ornaments for those who request it. Nelda has even been known to cut short family vacations in order to attend the conference!

Nelda has designed 35 different commemorative ornaments for more than a dozen entities across Texas, so her dedication to this great state is clear. We value the time, energy and effort she commits to making each KTB ornament not only a beautiful work of art but a lucrative investment for environmental education.