What are the Governor's Community Achievement Awards?

The Governor's Community Achievement Awards annually endows Texas communities with a share of landscaping prize money, to be used in the construction of a beautification project within the winning community. The projects are completed on selected state rights-of-way and conform both to the winning city's aesthetic expectations and stringent standards of safety, design and maintenance laid out by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Program History:
2009 - The Texas Transportation Commission increases GCAA funding to $2 million. An additional population category was added to the GCAAs to bring the total to 10 communities.

2008 - TxDOT releases figures showing 204 landscape projects have been authorized, totalling more than $19 million.

1998 - The Texas Transportation Commission increases the GCAA funding level to $1 million.

1989 - An additional population category was added to the GCAAs to bring the total to nine communities.

1986 - The Texas Transportation Commission, a five-member panel that governs the Texas Department of Transportation, authorizes funding for the GCAA program. Initially, $700,000 in landscape award money was authorized to be split between eight winning communities.

Community Impact:

"The difference between beautifully landscaped, well maintained entryways and medians and the drab, weedy entryways and medians that once existed there, is the difference between saying to the public 'we care' and 'we don't care.' Both statements are an invitation to join us."
--Mayor Bill Lanford, Haltom City

"The hard work and dedication of Keep Katy Beautiful to the state of Texas is evident in my drive home, as I pass by a highway beautified by the 2001 Governor's [Community] Achievement Award, won by this outstanding group of volunteers."
--Senator Glenn Hegar, Dist. 18, Katy

"Keep Pearland Beautiful has proven to be an important element of the community. Benefits brought about by this partnership have included a cleaner, more attractive community, curbside pickup of recycling and yard trimmings, the construction of a full-service recycling center that also accepts hazardous waste, and an extensive environmental education program for adults and children in Pearland."
--Mayor Tom Reid, Pearland

"Landscape improvements created by the Haltom City Beautification Board have worked to increase our community's appeal and help retain our current businesses and attract new businesses. Furthermore, greening of commercial corridors increases community pride and positive perception of an area, drawing customers to the businesses in those districts."
--Susan White, Haltom City business development coordinator

"The vision of this dedicated group of volunteers is to work with citizens and local organizations to initiate community involvement in improving our environments. I see the ongoing work this group undertakes and when they win the Governor's [Community] Achievement Award more than once, and the entire community benefits from these efforts, it makes me proud and thankful for their commitment."
--Mayor Don Elder, Katy

Past Winners: