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KTB Day at the State Capitol

KTB Day is an opportunity for affiliates to educate the new legislature on the value of KTB programs and the positive impact that our affiliates have in their local communities. Due to the pandemic and restrictions at the Capitol, KTB Day will not be held in person in 2021. This year, we encourage you to reach out to your local representatives and schedule time to meet with them individually or virtually. 

How to contact your legislator KTB Day infographic

Connect with your legislators

Step 1: Find your legislator

Visit wrm.capitol.texas.gov to find your state representative and senator.  

Step 2: Make an appointment

Call your legislator's office. Ask to speak to the scheduler and let them know you would like 15 to 30 minutes to share information about your affiliate or to discuss an issue. If your legislator is not available, you may be asked to schedule an appointment with a staff member.

If you'd like to contact your legislator via email, use this script to help schedule your appointment. 

Step 3: Prepare for your visit

Research information about your legislator including personal facts, hometown, where they went to school, and committee assignments. This can be helpful to create a personal connection with your legislator.

Prepare talking points, a personal, first-hand anecdote about your affiliate's positive impact on the community, and your ask or request for your legislator. Don't use acronyms - your legislator or staffer may not understand them. Role play until you are confident with your delivery.

Gather materials that you will give to your legislator. If meeting virtually, consider emailing these materials to a staffer.

Step 4: Meeting Day

Be early for your meeting. Share the positive impacts your affiliate has on the community. If your legislator asks a question that you don't know the answer to, let them know you are unsure. If you are able, you can follow-up after the meeting with an answer or materials that speak to their question. 

End the meeting with your request and leave materials about your affiliate.

Follow up your meeting with a thank you note. Be sure to include a brief summary of your talking points and reiterate your request. Send a thank you email to staffers and any follow-up materials requested. 

Click on the graphic for a printable PDF.

Resources to connect with your legislator

Email Script

Email Script

Dear Representative/Senator XX,

My name is _________ and I am the [insert title] for Keep XX Beautiful. Our mission is to [insert mission statement], and we do this by working hand-in-hand with your constituents in the [insert community name] community. Last year, we [insert an accomplishment.]

As an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful, one of the largest community beautification networks in the state, I am reaching out to tell you more about our work and our economic impact. 

We would greatly appreciate your staff’s time to briefly discuss how we are working to improve our community through programs and initiatives relating to community improvement projects, youth engagement, litter prevention, recycling, and more. We are working hard to make [insert community] a clean, safe, and beautiful place to live, work and play. 

Please let me know if you are available to discuss our community efforts. If you have any additional questions please let me know.

Thank you, 

[Insert name]

Printable version

Talking Points

Talking Points

After you've scheduled a meeting with your representative, use these talking points to guide your conversation. Practice your delivery with others from your affiliate.


Begin by introducing yourself and giving a brief description of your affiliate or your relationship to KTB. (If applicable, state that you live in that official’s district.)


We are here today on behalf of Keep XX Beautiful, as an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful. We would love to tell you more about the impact our work has on the community you represent. 


This is where you tell your story as an affiliate, working hand-in-hand with community members, so your representatives can get a better understanding of your impact and help support your efforts. Give a brief history of your organization and explanation of the work you do. 

Highlight one to two successful programs you hosted in the past year, detailing the number of volunteers, the impact made, community partners involved, and more (i.e., local cleanups, adopt-a-spots, restoration projects, cleanup after natural disasters, community park restoration, main street projects, waterway cleanups, recycling drop-off centers, youth scholarships, summer camps, afterschool programs, etc.). 

Beyond cleanup efforts, we encourage you to tell your story in a way that outlines the value your organization brings to the community. How did these programs impact your community and make it a safer and better place to live? What is the economic impact of your organization on your community? Do you have information or data on the volunteer value or any stories from local businesses that have benefited from a cleaner, more sustainable community? Don’t forget that your decision-makers are there to represent the concerns and quality of life of their community members - and your organization wants to do the same! Find common ground if possible. 

Pull in information from your organization’s year-end review if it has one. Pass along digital brochures, flyers, etc. that show your affiliate in action. 

Remind your representative that you can be a technical resource for them for any questions they may have about illegal dumping, litter, etc. Utilize your Chamber’s ‘Day at the Capitol’ (or similar event) to pass along information about your affiliate as well. 


One way for your representative to really get an idea of your value is by witnessing your work in action. Extend an invitation for a site visit, recycling center tour, or to an upcoming event so they can learn more about your affiliate first-hand.

Invite them to “like” your social media to keep up with your organization’s activities. 

Ask if the representative has any questions. 


If you are meeting with your legislator in person, prepare a packet of materials about your affiliate to leave at the meeting. If your meeting is virtual or over the phone, plan to email materials to your legislator. Remember that they may only review these items for a few moments so make them stand out!

Consider including an infographic about your affiliates' work over the past year or photos from a recent project. Here’s a handy template to create your Year In Review graphic. You can refer to this when you speak your impact. 


We also invite you to share information about Keep Texas Beautiful, as one of the largest environmental networks in the state. This will give your representative a big-picture view of the work we are doing across Texas. 


KTB is a statewide nonprofit organization that works with 300 local affiliates to keep our roadways and public spaces clean and beautiful. 


KTB receives $400,000 a year through a contract with TXDOT to partner on litter prevention programs and services, including the Don’t mess with Texas campaign. Our partnership began in 1985 and this funding is vital to KTB. 

KTB is working on a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to leverage existing affiliate partnerships in three diverse Texas communities in the Gulf of Mexico watershed to create benchmark programs for litter cleanup and prevention. KTB is also working on a grant from the Garver Black Hilyard Family Foundation to help create consistent data collection for litter cleanup activities and best practices, including the creation of a statewide litter database.


This year, the Governor’s Community Achievement Awards program will provide ten (10) winning communities a share of two million dollars in landscaping awards. This program is in partnership with TxDOT. (If your community has won a GCAA award, please describe.)


Despite a challenging year, KTB affiliates engaged nearly 38,000 volunteers whose volunteer time was worth almost $1,030,000; these volunteers collected over one million pounds of waste and recyclables.


Over the past year, KTB held regional stakeholder meetings and a statewide meeting to discuss litter reduction. Businesses, local government officials, and constituents weighed in on solid waste management issues affecting their communities. The resulting feedback indicated a need for increased recycling infrastructure, education and resources to alleviate litter. As a result, the KTB board decided to endorse the Texans for Clean Water plan, a free-market, no-tax solution to plastic waste and litter.

Texans for Clean Water is advocating for a statewide rebate program to incentivize the recycling of plastic bags and bottles all while funding litter cleanup and enforcement efforts. You can follow the progress of the plan, Senate Bill 1276 (SB1276), at the link here.


Say that you are leaving a folder behind or emailing with more information about KTB. Make sure to get a business card or contact info for the person you met with and thank them for their time!

Printable version

Meeting Materials

Meeting Materials

If you are meeting with your legislator in person, prepare a packet of materials about your affiliate to leave at the meeting. If your meeting is virutual or over the phone, plan to email materials to your legislator. Remember that they may only review these items for a few moments so make them stand out!

Consider including an infographic about your affiliates work over the past year or photos from a recent project.

Year in Review Infographic Template

Legislative Activity - 87th Legislative Session, 2021

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Storytelling 101
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On February 21, 2019 Keep Texas Beautiful visited our elected officials at the Texas Capitol and had the opportunity to speak with Governor Abbott. Affiliate coordinators, board members and volunteers met with district officials and staff throughout the day. 

KTB with Governor Abbott   KTB Day at the Capitol 2019

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