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Young Texan Ambassadors

We invite Texans ages 15-25 to help us keep Texas beautiful. Ambassadors are passionate about the environment and are committed to creating the best place to live, work and play through volunteerism and leadership.

Applications were due on March 5. See our incoming 2021-2022 Young Texan Ambassadors team below!

Ambassador Flyer Email for questions

The Young Texan Ambassador Program seeks to inspire and empower youth to keep our communities clean and beautiful.

Our goal is to provide ambassadors with rich resources to:

  • Educate on the importance of litter prevention and other environmental efforts
  • Spread awareness and organize efforts in their local communities
  • Become leaders and capacity builders in their communities

What are the requirements?

  • Commit to one year of service as an Ambassador.
  • Represent and uphold the mission and values of Keep Texas Beautiful.
  • Adhere to local and state ordinances in regards to COVID-19.
  • Attend the Keep Texas Beautiful virtual orientation and review the Ambassador handbook.
  • Attend at least 4 workshops throughout the year.
  • Actively strive to keep Texas beautiful through cleanup efforts and spreading awareness.
  • Organize and participate in at least 1 litter cleanup event and submit a wrap-up report for each event.
  • Share pictures of your event on your social media and tag Keep Texas Beautiful and other applicable sponsors.

What are the benefits?

  • Receive 1 cleanup kit that includes: Ambassador t-shirt and bandana, Trash bag, gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, Don't mess with Texas® activity book and swag and KTB swag
  • Resources and tools to help you lead your own cleanup efforts and engage your community
  • Opportunities to network with and learn from ambassadors across the state
  • Dedicated support from the KTB team
  • Opportunities for leadership and development
  • Résumé booster and community service hour fulfillment

Cleanup Resources for Ambassadors & How to Best Prepare

Review COVID-19 Guidelines

When picking up litter, KTB recommends participants to do so responsibly and at their comfort level. Please have participants wear a face mask and disposable gloves, and use a litter grabber (when available). Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from passersby and those not from your immediate household.

When participants are finished collecting litter, please make sure their trash bags are securely tied to protect sanitation workers. Advise them to immediately wash their hands with soap and water and hand sanitizer after collecting litter. Please have them dispose of their single-use face masks and disposable gloves properly and in the waste bin. Please follow all CDCl guidelines surrounding COVID-19. Additional guidelines and resources can be found on the KTB COVID-19 page.

PPE Litter Cleanup Guidance
How to properly pick up littered personal protective equipment (PPE).
PPE Litter Cleanup Guidance
How to properly pick up littered personal protective equipment (PPE).
Review COVID-19 Guidelines

Identify a location in your community that could be cleaned and that is safe and accessible. Come up with a plan to dispose of the trash and recyclables you collect properly. Visit the site in advance of the cleanup date to determine where to set up a check-in station, where to leave bags of trash and recyclables and what areas volunteers will clean.

Register Your Event with Keep Texas Beautiful

Use this form to request your cleanup supplies and materials. You must also register your event in our events calendar.

Register my event
Contact Your Community

Encourage friends, family and colleagues to get involved and help organize the cleanup. Create a Facebook event so interested volunteers can RSVP, and you can easily communicate with attendees. Spread the word through email, social media, and e-invites. You can also print and post event flyers in the area.

Set Up

Arrive early to set up and post appropriate signage for attendees. At your check-in station, ensure you have pens, pencils and sign-in sheets ready for your volunteers.

What to Tell Volunteers

This will depend on the type of event your hosting. Be prepared for everything. Make sure group leaders have a volunteer welcome and safety speech to give. For cleanups, provide a volume to weight estimation sheet and data card. Consider other things you might want from volunteers, such as a photo release waiver.

Establish a point-person to stay at the check-in station in case of health emergencies or any late arrivals.

Document the Cleanup

Take before and after photos of the cleanup site as well as shots of your volunteers in action and a final group picture with all of the trash collected. You can submit these with your data card or tag @KeepTXBeautiful online with #GreatAmericanCleanup. If you're hosting a cleanup, remind volunteers to review the information they entered into the Data Cards and then make sure they submit! Collect all completed paper data forms to submit to Keep Texas Beautiful. Ensure all trash is left in the designated drop-off location and that no materials are left behind as you leave the cleanup location.

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Meet our Ambassadors

Alexandra Smith
18,San Marcos
Alyssa Sullivan
Texas State University
22,San Marcos
Ashley Austinh
Texas State University
22,San Marcos
Caleb Harper
Campbell Offield
Plainview High School
Colin Fuller
Smithson Valley High School
17,Spring Branch
Cooper Wallace
Daveyon Edward
Elise Grimland
Wylie High School
Emilie Hong
Faith Cardenas
Gina Merzbacher
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Haley Fisherkeller
Hannah Langley
Troy High School,
Isaiah Williams
University of North Texas
Janae Nichols
University of Texas at Austin
Jason Zamarripa
Jerron-Michael Arline
Joanne Ma
25,Sugar Land
Julia Norton
Keller High School
Katie Gay
St. Edward's University
Lauren Forney
Taylor High School
Lauren Owens
19,El Paso
Lori Chavez
15,San Angelo
Lynn Nakamura
Jasper High School
Madhalasa Iyer
Liberty High School
Madison Sears
St. Edwards University
Michael Kuhry
Smithson Valley Highschool
16,Spring Branch
Olivia Winder
19,Harker Heights
Phillip Pham
Lakeview Centennial High School
Pranavi Reddi
Centennial High School
Pranaya Raparla
Obra D. Tompkins High School
Ryann McAnelly
Smithson Valley High School
17,Spring Branch
Shaili Shouche
Glenda Dawson High School
Shakira Wingate
Smithson Valley Highschool
Shreya Halbe
Jasper High School
Sofia Diaz
Smithson Valley Highschool
16,Spring Branch
Michael Kuhry
Tanya Magesh
Plano West Senior High School
Yerahi Cruz
Plano West Senior High School

Become a Young Texan Ambassador today!

Applications were due on March 5. See our incoming 2021-2022 Young Texan Ambassadors team below!

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