Earth Day

  • Founded in 1967, Keep Texas Beautiful has more than 50 years of experience deploying resources for local clean-up, recycling, and youth engagement efforts. Earth Day was founded in 1970 with a similar goal of bringing attention to the environment. 

    Like Keep Texas Beautiful, Earth Day is an opportunity to mobilize affiliates and volunteers across the state to improve their communities. To celebrate Earth Day this year, we've compiled resources to help inspire your action to care for Mother Earth. 

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    While Earth Day may look a little different these days, there are still ways to celebrate and beautify our spaces. KTB encourages you to take the pledge, "I pledge to #beautifyTX by..." and join us in committing to beautify our spaces. 


  • Use Earth Month to catch up on environmental issues, ways you can improve your community, and how you can get involved. Keep Texas Beautiful has resources available for anyone to use. 


    Webinars and pre-recorded webinars are a great way to hear from experts and Keep Texas Beautiful program staff.



    • EarthX: The largest Earth Day celebration in the world is going digital, with a virtual film festival, conference and events. 
    • Keep America BeautifulKAB launched the #DoBeautifulThings website, as a source of good and hope for all Americans! #DoBeautifulThings will feature a space for people to Do Beautiful Things and encourage stories, photos, videos, and other content. 
    • Sustainable Packaging Coalition: The leading voice on sustainable packaging is hosting a virtual Earth Day events, panels and informative seminar. 
    • Texas Parks and Wildlife: The TPWD Texas Outdoor Family program is hosting a Facebook live event on Wednesday, April 22 at 6 p.m. CT. They are focusing on how to practice Leave No Trace Principles at home. 
    • Take Care of TexasTCOT is celebrating Earth Day by sharing helpful resources and inviting Texans to take part in a photo contest. 
  • While Earth Day may look a little different this year, there are still ways to celebrate and beautify our spaces. KTB encourages you to take the pledge, "I pledge to #beautifyTX by..." and commit to caring for the planet during earth week. 

    You may be wondering how you can continue to improve your community, or how you can continue to engage community members. The KTB team compiled a list of ways you can continue to improve your home and area. Feel free to practice some of these ideas in your own home, or share them with your audiences! Please note that out of an abundance of caution, all cleanup programs have been postponed until the fall of 2020. This includes individual cleanups, too. 

    • Recycle properly
      • Wipes are not recyclable, the container is
      • Hand sanitizer bottles are only recyclable when washed out 
      • Share other relevant recycling tips on social media! 
    • Start composting
    • Plant a tree/plants
    • Read a book about the environment
    • Build a Free Little Library
    • Learn about native and adaptive plants and trees
    • Finally, get around to installing that rain barrel!
    • Paint your front door/porch
    • Make a wreath from things around the house and hang it on your front door
    • Rearrange your furniture
    • Repurpose a room in your house
    • Take care of landscaping projects
    • Trim your trees, pull weeds, remove dead shrubs/trees,
    • Lay mulch / put down topsoil
    • Fix that leaky faucet (or whatever else has needed tending to)
    • Re-organize your closet
    • Take care of spring cleaning!
    • Wipe down your baseboards
    • Wash windows
    • Clean your oven
    • Teach your kids how to wash the car
    • Borrow a pressure washer from a neighbor and pressure wash your deck, driveway, home, etc.
    • Clean out your pantry and donate items that you don’t need/won’t use
    • Defrost your freezer
    • Refinish an old piece of furniture
    • Clean out your fireplace
    • Change your air filter
    • Prevent food waste
    • Store leftovers
    • Only buy the things you need
    • Hang those pictures you’ve been putting off
  • Youth activities you can do at home

    Join Keep Texas Beautiful Programs staff, Sara Walters, as she leads you in an activity to create trees from recycled paper. This is an opportunity to talk with your students or child about the importance of trees, how paper is made, why we plant trees and more. This is a great activity to tie in with The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.


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