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Keep Texas Recycling

What does Keep Texas Recycling do?

KTR logoCommunity Assistance

KTR provides technical assistance to communities or groups interested in recycling. It serves as their liaison between the public and private sector by negotiating contracts with haulers and end-market at competitive prices. The collection, transport, and sale of recyclables, especially for smaller communities and remote areas, was coordinated by KTR through their contractors.  KTR also helps community recycling programs to effectively increase the amount and quality of collected recycled materials as well as maximize the efforts of those already recycling. Quality control at the cooperative level can impact the processor or the mill's willingness to negotiate contracts. KTR charges no membership dues or fees; the only charge is a 10% administrative fee on all recyclable sales.

For more information on how COVID-19 is affecting the recycling industry and tips on keeping your staff safe, please visit the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) Resource Page

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On America Recycles Day in 2019, the boards of Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) and Cooperative Teamwork and Recycling Assistance (CTRA) announced that they will merge to create a new program of KTB called Keep Texas Recycling. CTRA dissolved, however their services to implement and expand recycling programs throughout the state continue through the Keep Texas Recycling program. The Keep Texas Recycling program will provide cooperative marketing of recyclable commodities and technical assistance to underserved Texas communities. 

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Want to learn more? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 512-872-6630.

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Keep Texas Beautiful
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