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Keep Lewisville Beautiful Adapts to Cleanup Changes with a Green Bag Grant

Amy Wells is the Executive Director of Keep Lewisville Beautiful. On this blog, she shares her experience with utilizing a Green Bag Grant to adapt to new changes during a pandemic.  In the midst of COVID restrictions, Keep Lewisville Beautiful (KLB) wanted to give back to our community and support volunteers, but with event restrictions and C...

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Proper Disposal of PPE During COVID-19

Before COVID-19 became a part of our lives, community organizations were picking up plastic bottles, cigarette butts and fast food litter.  We were fighting for Bottle Bills, Bag Bans and declaring war on plastic straws.  Current trends during COVID-19 show a different future coming for litter cleanups.  We are se...

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Take Care of Texas While Saving Money at Home

If you're like the average Texan, you're probably trying out teleworking or potentially the new task of homeschooling your children. We see you—hang in in there! Spending more time at home has its perks—no commute, more time with family—but there are also unforeseen consequences, like using more resources (energy and water) and potentially creating...

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Continuing Community Improvement

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has caused millions of people to self-isolate, per CDC social distancing guidelines. Public health officials recommend limiting the time we all spend in public spaces to slow the spread of the virus. Adopting these practices is necessary to contain the infection level to one that our healthcare system can bear. As we ...

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Tips to Keep Drivers and Waste Processing Employees Safe

Our friends at Texas Disposal Systems recently shared some great tips to protect waste processing employees. These brave men and women put themselves at risk every day to help manage our waste. Please follow the tips below to help keep them safe during these uncertain times.  ​Essential personnel brings to mind doctors, nurses, ...

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