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Guest Blog: Preparing for Wildfires in Texas

Blog post written by Erin O'Connor, Wildland Urban Interface Specialist III at Texas A&M Forest Service As a homeowner, you are not powerless in your defense against wildfires. By taking a proactive approach to wildfire prevention and mitigation, you can significantly increase your safety and your home's likelihood of survival during a catastro...

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Keep Texas Beautiful and Recycle Cigarettes with TerraCycle!

Do you have a cigarette litter problem in your neighborhood? Not sure? Here is a proposition: the next time you walk your dog, go on a stroll with family and friends, or even run errands, take a look at the ground. See how many cigarette butts you pass along the way! If you answered yes to the above question, you probably know what I am going to sa...

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Take Care of Texas While Saving Money at Home

If you're like the average Texan, you're probably trying out teleworking or potentially the new task of homeschooling your children. We see you—hang in in there! Spending more time at home has its perks—no commute, more time with family—but there are also unforeseen consequences, like using more resources (energy and water) and potentially creating...

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Guest Blog: Scenic City Now Accepting 2019 Applications

Since 2010, the Scenic City Certification Program has recognized Texas municipalities that implement strong scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. The Program is a project of Scenic Texas, Keep Texas Beautiful, and 15 other statewide Program Partner organizations. Thanks to the solid support of this large base of associations, the ...

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