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Tips for Second-hand Shopping

Blog post written by Kassidy Litchenburg, Programs Intern at Keep Texas Beautiful. In case you haven't heard, vintage is the new black. All of a sudden, the newest trend is reselling, rewearing, and bringing back clothes from the past. In just the last 5 years, second-hand shopping has exploded in Texas, becoming its own sector of the economy (Sour...

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Guest Blog: Keep Surfside Beach Trashbag Program

Blog Post Written by Michelle Booth, Tourism Specialist, Village of Surfside Beach  My husband, Rob, and I moved to Surfside in the winter of 2014. Our first summer in Surfside was 2015, and we started to notice all the food and trash people would bring in with them to the beach and how much they would leave behind! We...

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Guest Blog: Costa Cleanups are keeping it clean on South Padre Island

Blog post written by Tonya Tallard, Founder of Costa Cleanups.  Costa Cleanups is a team of dedicated ambassadors and volunteers that focus on cleaning unmaintained, beautiful areas of shoreline littered with ocean trash in South Padre Island. Members of Costa Cleanups have been cleaning beaches and waterways for years, but Costa Cleanups...

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Guest Blog: Dump Illegal Dumping

Blog post written by Jonathan Nolte, Take Care of Texas.  TCEQ defines Illegal dumping as disposing, allowing the disposal of, receiving, or transporting litter or other solid waste to any place that is not an approved solid waste site. It's a tricky behavior to prevent. Fortunately, Texas communities are rallying to turn back the clock on una...

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Guest Blog: Take Care of Texas Sustainable Swaps

Creating less waste is one of the best ways to take care of the environment. If you take a look around your home, odds are you'll find several products that can be swapped out with more eco-friendly options. Here are a few swaps you can make in each room to create a more sustainable home! And for even more helpful tips and information, check out th...

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Keep Lewisville Beautiful Adapts to Cleanup Changes with a Green Bag Grant

Amy Wells is the Executive Director of Keep Lewisville Beautiful. On this blog, she shares her experience with utilizing a Green Bag Grant to adapt to new changes during a pandemic.  In the midst of COVID restrictions, Keep Lewisville Beautiful (KLB) wanted to give back to our community and support volunteers, but with event restrictions and C...

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Guest Blog: Latino Outdoors is #TogetherApart

Where The Wind Blows And The River Flows/Donde El Viento Sopla Y El Aire Fluye Dice Hola! My name is Josie Gutierrez and I am a Latina and the Program Coordinator for Latino Outdoors - Southwest. People often ask how I got involved with the organization. I say it was a mutual discovery. I started exploring the outdoors after my children had outgrow...

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Powerful Partnerships: Sustaining Local Programs in Your Community

D'Ann Williams is the President of Keep Aransas County Beautiful. She was set to present at our Virtual KTB Conference on the Powerful Partnerships: Sustaining Local Educational Programs Panel, however due to weather complications, was unable to participate. On this blog, D'Ann is sharing her expertise in partnering with the Texas General Land...

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Staff Blog: 4 Tips for Reducing Waste with a Baby

I can now say that I have survived a year being a parent, which feels like an extra special accomplishment during this COVID pandemic. As any parent knows, the first year is filled with a lot of learning and trying to look like you know what you're doing. That's what this blog is all about! This year I've learned some tips and tricks that worked fo...

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Affiliate of the Month: Keeping it Clean With Friendswood

Friendswood encompasses 21 square miles and is nestled between Houston and the Gulf Coast. Friendswood has grown from a small, close-knit Quaker community into a city with over 40,000 residents. Yet, after 125 years, Friendswood has maintained the charm and volunteer spirit of a small Texas town. Friendswood's anchor is Stevenson Park with rolling ...

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Affiliate of the Month: Clean and Proud for 33 Years Keeping Abilene Beautiful!

Welcome to Keep Abilene Beautiful, where for over 33 years, we have served our community. Our very first Executive Director was Donna Albus, who now sits on the city council and is a force to be reckoned with. She has such a philanthropic heart and a commitment to the beautification of Abilene. ​Abilene continues to be one of the best mid-sized cit...

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Scenic Cities 2019

This month, 21 Texas municipalities earned official Scenic City certification through the Scenic City Certification Program, a project of Scenic Texas, Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB), and 16 statewide program partner organizations. These municipalities have demonstrated their commitment to enact high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and pub...

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Affiliate of the Month: 35 Years of Keeping Austin Beautiful

Here at Keep Austin Beautiful, we inspire and educate all Austinites to volunteer together, beautify green spaces, clean waterways and reduce waste every day. Austin is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the United States. At Keep Austin Beautiful, we are increasingly focused on addressing some of the key environmental issues raised by ...

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Guest Blog: Judging for Keep Texas Beautiful’s 2019 Award Season

The image of a great community stems largely from the quality of its public places – its roadways, green spaces, parks, trails, waterfronts, plazas, etc. It's easy to look at great public places and see them as nothing more than well-designed physical locations. But beneath the surface, these places are so much more. They are locations where commun...

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Staff Blog: Event Planning pt. 2

Have you heard? Early bird registration for our Annual Conference is officially open! Check out our website to learn about the many fun additions to this year's conference in Dallas/Rockwall, June 18-20. To celebrate, I'm sharing my second list of tips to help you plan any event.  A few week ago, I shared my Event Planning 101 blog, where I di...

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Staff Blog: Event Planning 101

Hi there, Tina Litzner here, Operations & Events Manager at KTB. One of the many hats that I wear is event planning for all things Conference. This is my favorite part of my job. Keep Texas Beautiful has been churning out a conference for our members, volunteers and affiliates for many years. The KTB conference is a unique event ...

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