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Staff Blog: Tips for Sustainable Fashion

I am a reformed clotheshorse. I worked in e-commerce for an online boutique and one of the perks was an amazing discount. On top of it, I was one of the first to see each piece as they were received. It was easy to say, "that's cute, I'll buy it." It was a thrill to have the latest style before anyone else. I moved through my fashion career and sta...

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Guest Blog: Share These Tips and Infographic to Help Your Community Save Energy this Winter

Frosty weather has arrived in Texas. Although it's rare to see extremely low temperatures in much of our state, the cold weather still has an impact on your energy bill. Across Texas, heating accounts for 22 percent of a household's energy consumption, on average. And, due to rising fuel prices, most households in the United States can expect highe...

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Guest Blog: Waste Management - Recycle Often. Recycle Right.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "one bad apple spoils the bunch?" The same is true for recycling, where one non-recyclable item can spoil an entire batch of otherwise good materials. A single, wrong item in the recycling bin represents a global problem that's preventing thousands of tons of recyclables from ever seeing a second life. Don't let this...

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