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Recycling Tips in the Bathroom

​The bathroom is full of products that can be recycled. Unfortunately, this area of the house can get overlooked when it comes to recycling in the household. Our friends at Unilever, who created the Love Beauty Planet line of shampoos and personal care products, is committed to making all their products recyclable and helping consumers live mo...

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Staff Blog: Tips for Sustainable Fashion

I am a reformed clotheshorse. I worked in e-commerce for an online boutique and one of the perks was an amazing discount. On top of it, I was one of the first to see each piece as they were received. It was easy to say, "that's cute, I'll buy it." It was a thrill to have the latest style before anyone else. I moved through my fashion career and sta...

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Staff Blog: Zero Waste Travel

One of my favorite pastimes is birding. I took up the hobby shortly after moving to Austin, when I learned about all the migratory birds that pass through Central Texas. In particular, I love to see the colorful warblers that can be found in the spring and fall. I also try to take one international birding trip a year and this year I chose to visit...

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