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Guest Blog: Take Care of Texas Sustainable Swaps

Creating less waste is one of the best ways to take care of the environment. If you take a look around your home, odds are you'll find several products that can be swapped out with more eco-friendly options. Here are a few swaps you can make in each room to create a more sustainable home! And for even more helpful tips and information, check out th...

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Staff Blog: Tips for Sustainable Fashion

I am a reformed clotheshorse. I worked in e-commerce for an online boutique and one of the perks was an amazing discount. On top of it, I was one of the first to see each piece as they were received. It was easy to say, "that's cute, I'll buy it." It was a thrill to have the latest style before anyone else. I moved through my fashion career and sta...

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Reduce Your Use - Plastics

One of the biggest sustainability trends these days is the reduction of single-use plastics. We all love the convenience and our lives are definitely easier with a stream of disposable products, but do you ever stop to think about where those containers, straws, and sporks end up? Recycling is always an option, but did you know that only about 35% ...

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