Report a Litterer

Even after more than 25 years of the Don’t mess with Texas® campaign, litterbugs still roam the roadways, tossing trash from their car windows and letting litter fly out of their truck beds. We’re talking about cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, and the like. They’re small, but they’re still trash.

When you witness someone littering, write down the following information:

  • license plate number
  • make of vehicle
  • time of day
  • location
  • date
  • who tossed the litter (driver, passenger, or accidental)
  • what was tossed

Then, visit TxDOT’s Report a Litterer to report the incident.

TxDOT compares the information through the Department of Motor Vehicles registration database, and when an exact match is located, we send the litterer a Don’t mess with Texas litterbag along with a letter reminding them to keep their trash off of our roads.

And you can feel good about doing something to clean up our beloved Lone Star State.

Report a Litterer