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Volunteers are the backbone of Keep Texas Beautiful and our affiliate community organizations. Without their generous support, many of our day to day activities would be impossible. Take a look at some of our helpful resources below to acknowledge, thank and support your community volunteers.

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  • Deborah Henson

    Deborah Henson

    Deborah Henson is a consistent supporter of Keep Grapevine Beautiful's (KGVB) efforts and remains a staple at our community's heavily-visited lake parks, eliminating litter that is unsightly and harmful to the environment. Deborah can be found most mornings at one of the many lake parks that are located on the shores of Grapevine Lake. In 2020, Deborah volunteered over 700 hours and hauled out more than 8,000 pounds of litter from trails, parks and shoreline on her own. Deborah is a incredible example of volunteerism in the Grapevine community. 
  • Pamela Cook

    Pamela Cook

    Pamela can be found walking down Cemetery Road in Fort Davis, Texas in route to her daily destinations. But what makes her walks special is that there is always a trash bag in hand. Even during Pamela's day-to-day activities, she is always picking up Fort Davis roadsides. Pamela also organizes all of Keep Fort Davis Beautiful's community clean-ups. Rain or shine, Pamela motivates her friends and community members to get out and clean up.  Fort Davis is a very small community so Pamela's efforts make a huge difference in the beautification of our quaint little town in the Davis Mountains.
  • Colleen Brooks and Paula Rickey

    Colleen Brooks and Paula Rickey

    Colleen and Paula are a mother-daughter team that were concerned by the amount of litter on the access roads as traffic enters Salado. For two years, Colleen and Paula have spent several hours on the weekends "sweeping" the north and southbound side of Exit 285. On average, they collect 3-4 bags of litter, plus a few large items that fall from vehicles. For the 2021 Spring Sweep, they brought two truck beds full of trash! Keep Salado Beautiful estimates they have collected 450-500 bags of litter + 400 pounds of large items in their two years as Adopt-A-Spot sponsors. 
  • Ron Martin and Woody Raine

    Ron Martin and Woody Raine

    Ron Martin and Woody Raine are volunteers with Keep Smithville Beautiful! They worked with the Chamber of Commerce Executive Director to adopt Bastrop County roads last fall and have been diligently planning a Clean Street Sweep for the Smithville commmunity. They both also volunteer with the Smithville Recycling Center. Their backgrounds in waste management and science have made them keenly aware of the problems litter present and have allowed them both to help educate the community. They have helped with Clean Street Sweeps, the Annual Eco Festival, the Photo Festival, and more! Overall they are great ambassadors for the Smithville community. 

  • Darrell Bailey and The Royal Rangers

    Darrell Bailey and The Royal Rangers

    Darrell Bailey is a volunteer with Keep Alvin Beautiful. While at Keep Alvin Beautiful, Darrell has been working with the Royal Rangers, a youth group at his church. Together they place flags at the Historic Train Depot for all flag holidays! All of Keep Alvin Beautiful appreciates their hardwork and admires how Darrell works to ensure youth are involved in their local community. 
  • Garry and Janet Ellis

    Garry and Janet Ellis

    Garry and Janet Ellis have been volunteers with Keep Richwood Beautiful (KRB) for the past 14 years. In line with their passion for patriotism, the Ellis' have overseen thousands of flags placed along highways on Memioral Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. The two longtime Richwood residents led the committee responsible for creating Richie Raccoon, the KRB mascot, lead large landscaping projects, and participate in multiple strategic plans that help beautify the Richwood community. In addition to this, the Ellis' truly embody the KRB motto "Teach Them to Care," by educating hundreds of students on recycling. Garry and Janet are well-loved by the Richwood community and their passion for volunteerism is inspiring.
  • Priscilla Sanchez and The Mansfield Volunteer Program

    Priscilla Sanchez and The Mansfield Volunteer Program

    The Mansfield Volunteer Program (MVP) began in 2015 in an effort to improve Code Compliance and assist homeowners who do not have the resources or capabilities to keep their homes in compliance. Priscilla Sanchez is the Volunteer Coordinator of these efforts and coordinates the projects and volunteers, going above and beyond to make stops to check on elderly residents, often with breakfast in hand. Priscilla maintains an impressive base of volunteers that has gained national and state-wide recognition. With over 10,000 annual volunteers, this program often produces over 55,000 annual volunteer hours, netting a value of approximately $1.5 million worth of sweat equity. From cleaning trash in parks and creeks to building ADA compliant ramps and rails, MVP focuses on improving the community as a whole and is a true community collaboration.

  • Aleena Joseph

    Aleena Joseph

    Aleena is passionate about the environment and the Sugar Land community. She is a member of the Keep Sugar Land Beautiful Youth Advisory Board currently serving her second term on our board. Aleena is always smiling and always eager to help. Aleena co-presented on a KTB webinar and served as a panelist for a session of the 2020 KTB Conference. Her personality, environmental passion, desire to make a difference, willingness to be a team player and star individual make her a very valuable volunteer.
  • Becky Schuerman Choi

    Becky Schuerman Choi

    Becky Schuerman Choi is a Live Green in Plano Volunteer who is talking the sustainability talk, and literally walking the sustainability walk. Walking is Becky’s preferred method of transportation, and she also enjoys picking up litter along the way. Since 2017 Becky has collected approximately 7,280 pounds of litter and continues to do so today. Additionally, since becoming a Recycling Ambassador with Live Green in Plano, Becky has made it a priority to educate neighbors, students, teachers and members of her church about waste reduction and recycling. Becky is making a difference everyday in the Plano community. 
  • Judy Dorsett - Keep Blanco Beautiful Beautification Chair

    Judy Dorsett - Keep Blanco Beautiful Beautification Chair

    Judy is one of the founding members of Keep Blanco Beautiful (KBB) and chairs the beautification committee. She also served as the treasurer until January 2019. Judy has a passion for gardening and is a certified Master Gardener. As the chair of the beautification committee and an avid gardener, Judy has brought many projects to life in her 20 years of serving with KBB. Judy also has her own column called “How does your Garden Grow” in the local newspaper that focuses on planting, gardening, and beautification. In 2017, KBB began working on the Town Creek Riparian Restoration project and once again Judy stepped up to help. Judy is well-loved by the Blanco community and her dedication to KBB is inspiring.

  • McMurry University Women's Interclub

    McMurry University Women's Interclub

    McMurry University Women's Interclub has adopted the same street for the past 10 years. Students have come and gone from the university and the club but their leader, Ronda Hoelscher, has kept the club going and has maintained committed to keeping our community clean, teaming servant leadership and getting students involved in this community as volunteers during their school career.
  • The Hale Family

    The Hale Family

    Marcia Hale and her son Brandon plant the planters and haul water almost daily in the Cisco Downtown area. In addition, Marcia's husband, Donald, has helped haul water for the last 3 years from a water well 10 miles away while the water plant was being rebuilt after a flood and only limited outdoor watering was allowed. This family contributes to making Cisco beautiful every day, and that is why they are the volunteers of the month.
  • The Middleton Girls

    The Middleton Girls

    The Middleton girls are a hard-working group of three sisters from Kennedale, Texas. With land on Sublett Road that's been in their family for over 200 years, the Middleton girls take pride in this area. Together they participate in adopt-a-spot, adopting the entire length of Sublett from Kennedale city limit to Kennedale Parkway. They dedicate every Monday to get out and ensure that this miles-long stretch continues to be the cleanest road in town. Proud of their home and city, they are active sponsors of Keep Kennedale Beautiful and the Adopt-A-Spot Program.
  • Ricardo Santos

    Ricardo Santos

    Ricardo Santos has served the community of Cleburne for many years and has served as the president of Keep Cleburne Beautiful. In addition to organizing KCB monthly meetings, he encouraged his employer, Johns Manville (JM), to increase their level of giving. His fundraising efforts led to JM's sponsorship of the Buffalo Creek Cleanup t-shirt and sponsorship of other important events. Ricardo is hardworking, committed and a teamplayer. He has played a major role in KCB's success. 

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