Water Conservation

The drought affects us all, from ranchers and farmers to urban citizens. We have witnessed wildfires breaking out across the state, and our lakes and rivers are lowering rapidly. Our cities and counties are implementing water restrictions, some for the first time ever.



Drought Emergency Planning Workshops

During 2012, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) hosted drought emergency planning workshops throughout the state. The workshops provided local government officials, board members, and their water system operators information and tools to prevent and mitigate water outages. You can view the video of the presentations on this site.

Office of the State Climatologist

The Office of the State Climatologist (OSC) serves as a clearinghouse for climate information for the state of Texas. The OSC issues regular climate updates and conducts research on climate monitoring and climate prediction in Texas and the southern United States.

Texas AgriLife Extension Service Agricultural Drought Task Force

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service offers practical, how-to education based on university research.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Drought Information

Provides information to help you make better decisions about water use, including surface and groundwater regulations, and emergency procedures.

Texas Forest Service

Texas Forest Service website includes Texas wildfire updates, along with wildfire prevention tools, resources, and tips on caring for trees during the drought.

Texas Water Development Board

Drought resources page that describes the Texas Water Development Board’s role in monitoring the drought and providing assistance, along with monitoring current conditions in Texas.

Texas Weather Connection

This site is a collection of weather products derived from real-time weather data. Site includes the Keetch-Byram Drought Index and Texas Fire Danger map.


Water University

Water University by Texas A&M University provides for the general public as well as numerous professional courses related to water conservation and water use efficiency.

H2O Conserve

Calculate your water footprint, along with learning over 75 water saving tips.

How to Reduce your Bottled Water Footprint

Eating local saves water, but might not be possible 100% of the time for everyone in the U.S., with seasonal vegetables and the need to import things like bananas and coffee. However, almost everyone can reduce their water footprint by drinking local. Here are some tips on how to reduce your bottled water footprint.

Take Care of Texas Water Conservation Tips

Learn 10 easy conservation tips, along with rainwater harvesting information and conservation programs and resources.

Texas Water Restrictions List

List of Texas Public Water Systems limiting usage to avoid shortages. Search by county and neighborhood to see if there are water restrictions being imposed in your area.

Water IQ – Know Your Water

The Water IQ: Know your Water is a statewide public awareness water conservation program. Through Water IQ, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) provides information on water-efficient practices, raises awareness about the importance of water conservation, and helps Texans use less water.


Don’t Depend on Mother Nature

Article from the Texas Forest Service with timely tips and information on saving your trees.


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To help calculate the size of water tank you need, Bushmans has created a tank calculator that allows you to input your water usage details and find the right tank for you.

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